The Achiever

The Original Job-fit Assessment

An organization needs to have as much information as possible to effectively hire, promote and manage their most important asset – people. Unfortunately, the employee selection and management process is too often clouded by subjectivity and incomplete information.

The Achiever safeguards objectivity and offers the information that is difficult to unearth during standard interviews. Our assessment delivers an accurate depiction of the strengths and weaknesses of your job candidates, then produces realistic interview questions to narrow the field further before you hire.

An online assessment, The Achiever is a nationally recognized instrument that has assisted thousands of companies in selecting their WINNERS. The premier instrument on the market today, it correlates six cognitive learning skills with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted profile of your candidate.

Unique features that make The Achiever a leader in selection instruments:

  • Detailed narrative of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses for a specific job
  • Ability to customize job requirements or use our validated industrial database
  • Quantitative summary chart, diagramming your candidate's compatibility with a specific job
  • Training and management suggestions to help "fine tune" your candidate
  • Developmental direction to aid the individual in making minor improvements
  • Behaviorally based interview questions designed to assist you in probing areas of concern
  • Validity scales to indicate the applicant's candor and resulting accuracy of the assessment
  • Sales and Supervisory Potential Reports outlining areas for growth and improvement in promotable personnel

The Achiever is a must for:

  • Selection: only the best for your company
  • Promotion: only those that have the potential
  • Counseling: an otherwise good employee
  • Training: based on identified weaknesses, not a shotgun approach
  • Behaviorally based Interviewing: based on the identified strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing: specific areas in need of improvement
  • Team Building: who can work well together and why

Job-fit Ensured!

The Achiever allows you to customize hiring profiles to reflect the success stories of your company. Any applicant can then be compared to your top performers in a specific job. You may also refer to our extensive industrial database of standard positions, available in The Achiever.

Validated in accordance with federal standards, The Achiever is non- discriminatory and complies with EEOC / Federal guidelines.